Carpet binding


What can carpet binding do for you?

Custom rugs can do much for your home, and binding is a big part of that service. The binding serves more than one purpose, and you'll appreciate them all. You'll also need binding if you choose an area rug because the two go together.

The more you learn about the carpet binding process, the better choices you can make. And these pieces can have a long lifespan, so choosing wisely is always the best decision. So, take time to find out what it could mean for your rugs.

Carpet binding for beauty

You can enhance any rug's appearance with carpet binding. You'll choose from different types of binding, materials, and visuals. The binding can be wide, thin, fringed, or hand-sewn for exciting results. Some homeowners prefer binding that matches the rug for a cohesive fit. But others choose a contrasting look to fit their specific decor and furnishings. Whatever look you need, we can help you find it.



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Carpet binding for durability and lifespan

If you're placing your rug in a busy space, you might not want to use a fringed border. These wear down fast under heavy traffic and can get caught in your vacuum cleaner. Carpet binding for busy spaces will be neater and more compact. Be sure to ask about durable materials and options that can cater to any household need. Even pets are no enemy when you choose suitable materials and products.

We'll customize your rug your way

Choosing a custom rug means having the exact look and performance you want and need. But, no matter your need, there's something in this product line that fits. We do ensure your best customizations, so be sure to speak with an associate while you're here. We’ll help you choose carpet binding options that cater to the rug you want. Share your flooring dreams, and we'll work to ensure they come true. And you can do all that from our showroom.
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