What could luxury vinyl flooring do for you?

Luxury vinyl flooring offers impressive versatility for all your needs. From stunning visuals to outstanding performance, these floors have it all. And better still, with these materials, you can enjoy a reasonable lifespan in every room of your home.

You'll find a perfect match no matter what type of decor you have. And these products offer protection for even the busiest areas of your home. So, it's worth your time to learn more about all that luxury vinyl offers and how it can benefit you.

The beautiful decor matching in luxury vinyl flooring

Vinyl tile and vinyl plank flooring can be your best choice when you need the perfect decor match. These products mimic all-natural materials like wood, stone, and porcelain tile. And you'll get all the colors, textures, and formats you need as you browse through. Choosing a popular trend can also meet these needs and keep you current for years. Look for textured finishes and consider herringbone installation layouts. You're sure to find a fantastic match by considering trending choices.

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Enjoy durability that you can live with

Durable floors are significant for parents and pet owners who want to see less wear. A protective top layer means LVP and LVT flooring with fewer scratches, stains, scuffs, and dents. And you can increase durability with a few well-placed area rugs. You'll also love that luxury vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof. So, you'll never have to worry about water damage, even with humidity's dampness. But you're also protected from spills and accidents, for flooring that lives on and on.

Choose professional installation for more peace of mind

A professional installation is always the best way to protect your flooring investment. It creates the best placement and ensures luxury vinyl flooring will function as it should. And you'll always have a friend in the business if you have questions or concerns.
Luxury vinyl flooring in Raleigh, NC from Contract Carpets

Choose your luxury vinyl flooring today

Contract Carpets is proud to provide flooring you can trust, with services to go with it. Our goal is your complete satisfaction, no matter how large or small the remodel. And we'll work with you from product selection through professional installation and beyond. When you're ready for luxury vinyl flooring, visit our showroom locations. You can find us in Cary, Raleigh, Sanford, and Southport, NC, with a well-stocked inventory. We cater to residents in Raleigh, NC, Cary, NC, Sanford, NC, Pinehurst, NC, and Southport, NC, so stop by today for more information on LVP and LVT flooring.